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Terms and Conditions

Before booking or attending one of our events, it is essential to read this information:


Haunting Experiences events are a mixture of theatre, investigation, fun, education and training depending on the event and we will try to make things clear in each individual event information. For your information and as examples, there is no "staging" during ghost nights or paranormal investigation and workshops. However such entertainment like the Victorian Seance experience and element of theatre is necessary and advertised as such. For more information feel free to message us, thank you E-mail us

  • Many people have claimed to witness supernatural or unexplainable activity and to experience other strange and sometimes disturbing phenomena during our events at allegedly haunted locations. Therefore, those of poor fitness or health, a nervous disposition or prone to excitable reactions, should only attend at their own discretion.
  • We cannot guarantee paranormal activity … but be prepared, it may well happen!
  • The organisers and venues cannot be held responsible for people’s reactions to seeing a ghost or other occurrence, or for other possible related incidents.       
  • Over 18s only, unless otherwise agreed with the organiser. For insurance purposes no one under the age of 18 may attend a ghost night without prior consent and a disclaimer from a legal guardian. This includes group bookings so please ensure you are aware of everyone's age.
  • At most locations you are asked to provide your own refreshments and you can bring any other food & drink (NO ALCOHOL PLEASE). On occasions meals, refreshments, etc may be available for sale. Check with us about individual locations.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside or near any buildings; if you wish to smoke please do so outside and dispose of your cigarette ends in a sensible, tidy place or in the designated area.
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden and anyone in possession of or under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave immediately and will receive no refund (full or partial).The exception to this is where the organisers indicate a one drink policy on the night, which will be clearly stated.
  • Illegal substances will not be tolerated and anyone  under the influence or  in possession of drugs will be asked to leave immediately and will receive no refund (full or partial) and police involvement may also occur.
  • It is advisable to bring sensible clothing and footwear, a torch and batteries, notepad and pen, a watch, spare batteries and all other medication and personal requirements and equipment.
  • In the event of adverse weather conditions our nights will still take place unless it is unsafe to do so but we may need to limit activities and we reserve the right to do so under health & safety guidelines.
  • You may bring any personal items and equipment but do so at your own risk (please note: on regular occasions in the past electrical equipment has malfunctioned at our venues). On occasions we may lend out equipment but due to many items previously being lost, damaged or taken we may ask for a deposit or signature and anyone borrowing items will be fully liable for any such loss or damage.
  • You are not permitted to publish or broadcast any images obtained on an event without obtianing prior consent from us, this includes public sites such as FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE. This is because many of our locations do not permit images to be in a public environment.Sometimes we ourselves will use images obtained at events for promotional purposes (e.g. on public sites or this website). By attending you agree to your image being used in such a way  without us gaining further permission. Naturally we will always try to remove any disliked images on request.
  • You are responsible for any loss or damage to any of your personal possessions or vehicle brought or left on the property.
  • Please be aware that it is not advisable to undertake any form of “Psychic Activity” … if you suffer from, or have suffered in the past from, any of the following:


  • Those attending are asked to respect the property, other people and the area and may be held liable for not doing so. If anyone's behaviour becomes problematic or detrimental to others  then they will  be asked to leave. No refund (full or partial  refund) will  be given. We want everyone to enjoy their evening and so we will not not  tolerate any form of disruptiveness. We also ask all persons to respect others viewpoints.
  • The organisers are not responsible for your actions whilst participating in this event and cannot be held liable for any activity resulting in personal injury or death. Please ensure that everyone in your group is in reasonably good health and fitness and does not suffer from any serious illness.  Pregnant women should only attend at their own discretion.
  • Because some properties are subject to restricted status, we regret there are not suitable disabled facilities in all locations. Therefore the evening may be unsuitable or restrictive for certain disabilities, for this we truly are sorry and advise people to check with us in advance for suitability of  individual venues.
  • The organisers do reserve the right to cancel an event in unseen circumstances. However, under such circumstances a full refund will be given. The itinerary is also subject to minor changes.
  • As with theatre or concert tickets, we cannot  give refunds on places once booked and paid for. If you are unable to attend and can give us at least a months  prior notice (before the event) we can swap you to another date or location (subject to the same price or the payment of the difference). Please bear this in mind now - Thank you.
  • After payment is made you will receive a confirmation e-mail and itinerary. No tickets are sent but your booking name will be on the guest list. Please quote your name when  asked on arrival.
  • Please note: due to the misuse of our service by a small number we cannot permit the resale of places without permission. If you wish to pass on your place(s) to someone else please inform us of the new name(s). Anyone found to be reselling a place(s) at a profit (without our agreement) , themselves or through a company / ebay / or other intermediate will have their places cancelled without refund and no person under that booked name will attend the event or enter the property!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: [email protected]



By instructing all of our guests to read this, anyone attending an event agrees to be bound to all  terms and conditions laid out therein.